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Finally, you should outline your conclusion The end portion of a writing that contains a summary or synthesis of the idea in the work. This includes a recap of key points and reminders of the author's purpose and thesis statement. In this paragraph, you need to bring all the parts of the essay together in the synthesis and create a strong final impression for the reader. Whether it is for a school assignment or a work task, developing the skill of outlining an essay is important. The bigger the assignment, the more important an outline becomes.

Writing an outline requires you to closely examine your assignment or task and understand what is being asked of you; it also helps you organize your thoughts, stay on task, and explain your reasoning to others. Imagine that you are working for a large hospital system, and are reviewing two different proposals for upgrading the hospital's technology system.

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You will need to evaluate the strengths of each proposal and report back to the larger leadership council on which proposal makes its case more effectively and should be implemented. If you do this successfully, the hospital will have a superior technology system that meets its needs. Your efforts at ensuring the success of the hospital will also make it more likely that you will be asked to take on important tasks in the future, increasing your chances for promotion.

The text below is an example of the kind of writing you might be assigned in one of your courses. Read the text and then review the sample thesis and outline of a critical analysis of the text that follows. Under pressure to improve student grades, many schools have cut back on recess, or even dropped it altogether. This is shortsighted and potentially dangerous, since studies show that unstructured play promotes educational, social, emotional, and creative development. It may seem logical that more time in the classroom leads to better grades, but research suggests that recess is also important for academic success.

Switching between structured and unstructured activities refreshes the brain and enhances its ability to store new information. Too much time spent on one type of task reduces the amount of information a child can absorb, while occasional breaks from schoolwork improve concentration.

The positive effects of recess go beyond grades into expanding the social and personal skills of children. Recess gives children time to talk and connect with one another, which strengthens their communication skills and puts them at ease with school and their peers. Free time at school can help children develop persistence and self-control.

Creative skills are boosted when kids plan and design their own games and activities. If we want schools to help children not just learn but also grow as people, we must provide them with time each day just to be kids. In his study "Sedentary Children are Blue, Bored, and Belligerent," Doctor Mark Phillips of the Main Hospital demonstrates that children need exercise, fresh air, sunlight, daily interaction with peer groups, and time at school during which they aren't being told what to do.

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Otherwise, they become "tired, bored, depressed, angry, antisocial, and unfocused. Recess is also important because many children don't have the opportunity or inclination to play outside when the school day ends.

Some participate in sedentary after-school programs like tutoring or arts and crafts. Others go right home, but stay indoors watching electronic entertainment or doing homework rather than playing tag in the yard or throwing around a ball. Many parents don't let their children roam their neighborhood the way they themselves once did.

Due to both real and imagined dangers, few adults are comfortable letting their children play outside, particularly in urban neighborhoods or after dark. When I talked with one mother, she told me, "It's just not safe to let them go outside. Look at all the child abductions on television! We must help our children to thrive in all the ways they should.

School administrators, city councilmen, and parents, think back to your childhood. Remember when you could barely sit still at your desk, filled with gleeful anticipation of schoolyard games, friend time, freedom from the stuffy classroom air, and the opportunity to rest your mind and pencil-gripping hands? Let's give kids a break. Bring back recess! After reviewing the above text, the next step is to write a thesis statement for a critical analysis of the text.

Once you have determined your thesis, you should create your responses, ideas, and thoughts to create an outline evaluating the text. Thesis: Linda Acri's "A Case for Recess" successfully makes a convincing and persuasive argument for why we must fight for our children's recess time. Read the text below. After reading it, write an appropriate thesis statement for an essay evaluating the text, followed by an outline of this evaluation. If you aren't hooked up online then you might as well be nonexistent.

Your online presence is basically who you are today. It's a fundamental right to be who and what you want to be online as much as it is in "real" life. Social media has really changed how people relate to one another. We don't have to see people face-to face anymore. We can work long hours or live far apart and still keep up with the life events, celebrations, trials, and tribulations of friends and family. With a couple swipes of the finger on a tablet, I can find out who your friends are, where you go to school, who you work for, and what music you listen to.

I can even find out what world city you should live in or what type of animal best describes your personality from the quizzes you post!

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Through our profiles—the photos, comments, and stories we post—we get to decide how the world sees us. It's a lot of fun! But sadly, opening our lives to the world can also cause us big, big trouble. My friend Aaron was a teacher at a local school. He's also a guy who loves hunting.

He stopped talking to people at work about his hobby after his boss took him aside and said that it was "inappropriate to discuss such matters in this environment, particularly given recent incidents. For instance, a politician or professor who opts to write a book on political science, illustrating or indicating their status can improve their persuasion of the audience.

Pathos focuses on analyzing how the author appeals to the emotional part of their audience. Use of a strong language and vivid imagination is a way the author can appeal to the emotional sense of the audience.

3-Paragraph Essay: Blessing or Challenge?

Linking the audience to the text emotionally is a strong persuasion tool. Logos focuses on reasoning, which is critical and logical reasoning. The use of the three, pathos, ethos and Logos is a show of mastery of the subject matter. As you write your synthesis analysis essay, indicate the use of all three by the author to boost credibility.

In your synthesis analysis point out the speaker or author of the text.

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Analyze their previous works and compare with the current writing. Note any biases and whether they are qualified in their opinion. The occasion assesses the location and timing of the piece. What provoked the writing of that text at that particular time? The claim you make will be justified as long as you provide supporting evidence. The synthesis will involve an analysis of the audience.

Identify the group of people the text was intended for by the author. The purpose represents the aim of the document.

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From your synthesis analysis, we should be able to know the purpose of the text. The subject looks at the thesis and theme of the article.

While reading the book, highlight the areas where they have been used and then note them down in your composition. Be sure to provide the supporting evidence, use quotes from the text if necessary. Creating the Synthesis Essay Paper Outline In essay writing, creating the outline is a critical step.

The Definition of a Synthesis Essay

It ensures that your essay follows a specific framework and is therefore necessary for planning your work. When still learning how to write such types of paper, you probably ignored developing the outline. And although some students even overlook this part of the article, it affects the quality. Such issues can be avoided with the use of an outline.

To create a synthesis essay outline, do the following: Read the texts sources to be analyzed Note down the key arguments. When applying to college, a student follows a certain process which includes choosing the right schools and preparing the application materials. The full sentence outline format is essentially the same as the Alphanumeric outline. The main difference as the title suggests is that full sentences are required at each level of the outline.

This outline is most often used when preparing a traditional essay. The decimal outline is similar in format to the alphanumeric outline.