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Describe the essence of who you are both personally and professionally. Service and community engagement are a way of life at Georgetown, following the Universitys tradition of women and men for others. How have you demonstrated service to others? Optional Essay:If you are not currently employed full-time, use this space to provide information about your current activities.

Optional Essay:Please provide any information you would like to add to your application that you have not otherwise included. Optional Essay:[Professional Achievement Essay] If you would like to be considered for a Georgetown MBA Professional Achievement Scholarship, address your greatest accomplishment s in your chosen field and explain why you should be selected for this scholarship. MBA Essay Tips for pitching your personal and professional achievements or accomplishments. Reapplicant Essay To be completed by all re-applicants How have you strengthened your candidacy since your last application?

Georgetown Secondary Application Tips

We are particularly interested in hearing about how you have grown professionally and personally. In addition, please update the Admissions Committee on your short-term career goals following graduation from the Georgetown MBA program. Limit: words What position do you plan to obtain upon graduation from the MBA program?

Please include both industry and function in your explanation. How will the combination of your past experiences and the Georgetown MBA position you for this new opportunity?

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Please describe how you envision your career progression beyond your initial post-MBA position. When canvassing your family and friends, you may want to show them your chronology as a way to help move along your conversations with them.

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With all this information organized into a chronology, you should be able to easily generate compelling topics for personal statements. You can write about almost anything when it comes to a personal statement for law school. In our experience, the majority of personal statements — and certainly many of the most successful ones — fit into one of the following three categories.

The point is, if your resume or extracurriculars have a predominant theme, then hammer home that theme in a compelling personal statement. Sometimes a college or even high school course steers you towards a life in the law. It could be a hands-on government experience during a college independent research course, or a science class that covered the intersection of science, policy and the law, or a term paper that explored law, policy or politics. Whatever that memorable academic experience, write about it and its impact on your career goals. Sometimes a book, a speech or even a quote can change the arc of your life.

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Or perhaps you were inspired by the example of a professor or teacher, and that inspiration has carried you forward to this day. While there are probably instructions we could offer about writing effective personal statements, these five are especially important. Every law school application has directions about the substance and format of the personal statement you need to write.

Whatever those directions are — follow them. And note: some law schools will tell you to write about pretty much anything and to choose the length.

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In all instances, you should double-space your personal statement and put your name and Social Security number at the top of every page. The spelling and grammar of your personal statement must be flawless. Find at least three people to proof your work before you submit it to any law school. This sounds like such obvious advice, but each year law schools receive the wrong personal statement from an applicant and that, alone, is enough to deny you admission. The whole point of writing a strong personal statement is to convince an admissions committee that your written communication skills and some aspect of your life are more compelling than another applicant with a similar LSAT score.

It almost always helps if your tone exudes confidence and positivity no matter the subject matter of your personal statement. Your opening paragraph or sentence must captivate your readers, and it must successfully introduce the subject matter of your personal statement. Because the beginning and ending of your personal statement are so critical, you should try out three different openings and three different conclusions to see which ones work best.

A personal statement is not a long-form resume. Your resume exists to organize and summarize your achievements and experiences into one page. Please discuss your motivations for studying business at Georgetown. This question is very clear and direct with the task presented to the applicant—explain their interest in pursuing business studies at Georgetown. Note that the prompt is not asking for a vague discussion about your passion for business or finances; rather, it wants you to connect your passion with the specific elements offered by the McDonough School of Business MSB.

Therefore, you must address the following question: why, out of any business school available to you, does this one appeal to or complement your interests best? To this end, carefully studying both academic and extracurricular offerings at the MSB will be crucial to writing an effective supplement essay. Lots of strong, analytical sentences that directly relate the necessity of MSB programs to pursuing an ideal field of inquiry or topic of study will create successful supplement essays. Additionally, the applicant should mention aspects about Georgetown as a whole that truly makes studying there appealing.

For example, the applicant could mention how Georgetown's global perspective, inherent in its location in D. Again, this question is relatively straightforward. The prompt asks for you to explain your interest in pursuing healthcare studies. When writing this essay, you should avoid generalities, and be very specific about your motivations and intentions. Why are you interested in your particular field or topic? What experiences inform this interest? How will the specific programs at Georgetown help to enrich your study more effectively than other institutions?

And how does study at Georgetown align with your vision about the role of healthcare study in the world?

Creating Your Personal Statement

Drawing on your personal experiences with healthcare issues, either your own or someone close to you makes for a compelling and emotional narrative. For example, if you lost a parent or a sibling to cancer, you could relate this experience to their passion about oncology to treat cancer patients or biochemistry and molecular biology as an avenue to study how to prevent or better treat cancer.

In addition, you should address the advantages that Georgetown's SNHS, specifically, offers their future university studies. For example, you could emphasize your passion for healthcare policy making, and that the combination of Georgetown's strong medicine program and its prime location in D.

Perhaps you are familiar with the work of a prominent medical researcher at Georgetown and are interested in learning from them or working as a research assistant with them. Finally, you could make note, as with the "Georgetown College" essay, that the SNHS is guided by the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis , or "care for the whole person," and how this deeply resonates with your personal philosophy or the proper study of nursing more generally, as well as with your motivation to become a skillful and compassionate physician or biomedical scientist dedicated to the care of others and health needs of society.

To prepare a strong supplemental essay in this case, you should be prepared to address an appropriately specific global issue, justifying both its importance to you, and how exposure to foreign service education like that offered at Georgetown might help better clarify or craft a solution of reformation.

To write this essay, you will need to prepare in two ways. Firstly, you should be well-versed on a narrow topic of international importance. Issues like "the economy" will read as overly vague--topics like "the economy of apartment rentals in fast-growing African and Asian cities" will provide a more manageable arena for a 1-page essay to seem well-reasoned.

Secondly, you must be prepared to craft a personal narrative around your chosen issue. How did you happen to become aware of the issue? Has it affected you or one of your own communities intimately? Does it concern the violation or manipulation of a value that is central to you? Are academicians, especially those at Georgetown, striving to remedy it?

Not trying hard enough? Explaining your passion, i. This essay essentially asks the applicant to play an analytical academic, concerned citizen, and policy-maker simultaneously.

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While seemingly a daunting task, applicants should not be intimidated. As an applicant to the SFS, you should already be familiar with international relations, and as a student, capable of providing an accurate portrayal and analysis of a given situation. Therefore, you should not only elaborate upon the various implications the issue has broadly, but also provide a personal touch that can intimately relay your enthusiasm in addressing the subject.

For example, if you were of Iranian heritage could discuss the U.