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We went from managing chaos to being proactive. We do a much better job of getting what we need from suppliers, and we get better pricing. See TechBeacon's guide. Plus: Get the white paper on enterprise requirements. Even small businesses can do this.

Healthcare IT: Importance of Your Help Desk and ITIL Best Practices

Don't just follow ITIL by the book. Keep it simple—make the standards and frameworks conform to your needs, not the other way around.

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Strategy and organizational change lead to proactive strategic partnerships with the business. Skip to main content. Our Contributors About Subscribe. Lessons learned at Fermilab. Tammy Whited , Service Manager, Fermilab. Join the conversation. But what does innovation look like? How and where do you start? The answer is simple— DevDay. White Paper.

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What AI capabilities are embedded into the IT Ops management tools you already own, and how can you leverage them? Threats evolve. Bad actors continue to improve their games. The good news? Cybersecurity technology is also evolving and improving. This webinar drills down into the emerging technologies that successful cybersecurity organizations are deploying to protect their firms. Find out what works, what's a waste of resources--and how to deploy the technologies that work.

What is an IT Service Desk?

Analytics tools are providing incredible insight to companies about customer sentiment, agent performance, and predictive actions. In this webinar, learn how successful organizations are using analytics to drive more revenue, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. We'll dig into the what it means to be successful in the cloud and what successful organizations do more of and less of than their less successful peers. We'll look across technologies adopted, organizational and operational practices, and vendors embraced.

This webinar presents the highlights of Nemertes' in-depth research study of organizations in 11 countries across a range of vertical industries. Later episodes will discuss security topics as well as focusing in on application development and security. Enterprise IT staff need to stop thinking of cloud solutions as islands of function and special cases and begin to think of pulling it all together into a cohesive multicloud. We'll lay out the major categories of tools and systems and how they fit together, and at the organizational structures and operational practices needed to support multicloud operations.

Later episodes will discuss cloud organizations and operational practices, and success metrics and best practices for cloud organizations. Intelligent Customer Engagement Series [Ep 3]: The Agent Experience - From Good to Great Although organizations are busy adding self-service channels, and AI-enabled chatbots or virtual agents to their customer engagement strategies, there is no replacement for the human touch. Successful companies are transforming the agent experience, delivering better coaching, more analytics, and improved compensation packages.

Supercharge Your Employee Efficiency with Intelligent and ITIL based Service Desk

Learn how you can leverage AI and analytics to reduce contact center agent turnover rates--and ultimately improve the customer experience. What does it mean to be a "successful" cybersecurity organization, and what technologies and practices does it take to become one? We separated the best from the rest, and took an in-depth look into what made the most successful organizations that way. Participants will come away with best practices, tools, technologies, and organizational structures that contribute to success.

Most importantly, they'll learn how to measure cybersecurity success--and their progress towards it. If you're not keeping pace--or exceeding it--you'll be at a competitive disadvantage. Learn what successful companies are doing with areas such as agent experience, interaction channels, and emerging technologies. Based on Nemertes' brand new, detailed, Customer Experience research study with organizations, this webinar will explain the five crucial items that must be on your priority list to ensure your contact center is positioned to deliver successful customer experiences.

As AI-enabled tools continue to make a mark on IT operations, the face of proactive problem and incident management in the enterprise is starting to change. Join leading ITSM experts as they debate the complexities, functionalities, benefits and considerations of next-generation cloud and hybrid problem and incident management tools. Nemertes recently studied how companies are using AI and analytics to improve their customer experiences. Objective: Learn how to leverage the Cloud for realistic Performance Testing.

Cloud Burst, a Micro Focus performance testing solution, is the only product on the market today that can automatically support your scalable performance testing needs in the Government FedRAMP Cloud environments. Watch the live demo running in the FedRAMP Gov Cloud regions to see how easy, quickly and affordably you can plan, design and execute your application performance testing requirements. The backbone of your IT infrastructure. IT service management forms the backbone of any forward looking IT infrastructure. Upcoming webinars 9 Recorded webinars 1, Subscribers 80, Channel RSS feed.

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