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Classification of research papers using citation links and citation types: Towards automatic review article generation. Abstract We are investigating automatic generation of a review or survey article in a specific subject domain. In a research paper, there are passages where the author describes the essence of a cited paper and the differences between the current paper and the cited paper we call them citing areas.

We know from experience with developing the concept of highly influential citations for Semantic Scholar that citation classification is a research problem that has received attention in the research community. By starting with the Identifying Meaningful Citations paper Valenzuela et al. This included one key paper on citation classification Jurgens et al. Approach 2 — Start with a Keyword Search.

A review and classification of academic research in facilities management | Emerald Insight

Another approach that we used during our literature review is to search for papers by using keywords. EMNLP provided us with a number of additional results that we ended up referencing in our research including Teufel et al. Interestingly enough when we recently replicated this literature review approach we found at least one new paper Saaed-Ul et al.

Results of our Work.

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Our citation intent classification project resulted in a research paper that has been accepted at NAACL-HLT and a publicly available dataset that is five times larger than existing datasets. We also released a new feature that is now available on Semantic Scholar that surfaces citation classifications as method, background or result extension tags which makes it easier for researchers to navigate and discover research while browsing our citation graph:. We encourage you to try it out and let us know what you think! Most importantly, these ideas will help you to grab the attention of all your readers almost effortlessly.

Conceptual and practical classification of research reviews and other evidence synthesis products

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