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In: Business and Management. However, ILM products and services are subject to continuous development and improvement and the right is reserved to change products and services from time to time.

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ILM cannot accept liability for loss or damage arising from the use of information in this publication. Please note that these have been produced in Word, due to the popularity of this format.

However, centres should be aware of the inherent instability of this format. The structure of this team comprises of one senior payroll officer, one team leader, three payroll officers, three payroll assistants and two control officers. I have been employed as a payroll officer since and our main aim is to pay people accurately and on time. Understanding Leadership Styles — Describe the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours in workplace situations.

There are several different factors that can influence the style of leadership I employ within my team. In deciding what style of leadership is appropriate for my particular team it is vital that I understand not only how my team is capable of performing but also the dynamics and personalities of the individuals making up the team. A typical factor within my team is the level of skills required to perform the job at the best of their ability. Currently we have two individuals who are new to the team and this can influence the style of leadership used in training them on how best to perform their role at the best of their ability.

When approaching individuals, I would need to adjust my leadership style appropriately as no one individual is the Understand how to provide training appropriate to the workplace. Identifying training needs. A training need may arise for many reasons this could include the maintenance of existing competencies, a change in procedures, the acquisition of new equipment, a change of roll and responsibilities, the identification of unsafe practices etc.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx use two systems for recording the maintenance of existing competencies these being Terian that is used to ensure that front line personnel meet the requirement to attend risk critical assessments within specified time periods, and PDRPro which is an electronic personal development recording system.

An annual training plan is developed for each station based on the risk profile for that station and identifies topics to be covered during weekly training sessions. A review of relevant Standard Operating Procedures is incorporated within these training sessions to make sure all personnel are familiar with the correct procedure and are aware of any changes.

Safety issues that have arisen within the service are also briefed to personnel using Operational Procedural Alerts. Training techniques. Dependant on the training required various techniques are available. Most commonly used are practical scenarios and simulations that allow personnel to gain experience in following standard procedures and gain There are many differences between management and leadership. Management relies on positional power, that is authority or status.

It depends on the rules, structures and systems within an organisation, which surround a job.

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Leadership relies on personal power. This comes from the ability to develop strong and mutually rewarding relationships. It depends upon good interpersonal skills, positive personal characteristics and supportive behaviour. The key to leadership is influence. Leadership is a facet of good management but a leader does not necessarily have the positional power of a manager. The crux of this comparison between management and leadership is one of choice.

People choose to follow and commit to a leader but a manager must be followed. We are emotional animals and the commitments we make based on our emotions are forcible. The sessions are intended to further develop the skills and knowledge of learners working in the NHS who are existing or aspiring middle managers with some previous knowledge of leadership and motivation theory. Time for tutorials are not included in the sessions.

It consists of two sites Oldham site producing high end speciality cakes and confectionaries and Bolton bakery producing high end market cakes and mid range cakes. The site is around 10 acres and has good access and egress and good transport links to major motorways. Having had moderate investment over the past few years the site is in good condition and scores well with external auditors, the site layout is good having a clear intake through production to despatch. With a permanent highly unionised workforce of around and a variable agency work force of around The majority of equipment is older than 10 years and most operations are semi automated with high opportunity for full automation.

ILM Diploma in leadership and Management Assignment No 1 : Assessing your own leadership capability and performance The first step in being a good leader is to understand yourself.


Gaining an understanding of your personality type, leadership style, and leadership skills is paramount. All leaders, regardless of their natural abilities, experience, and training, must be aware of their own personal areas of improvement so they can grow and become more successful.

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Leaders promote loyalty among subordinates by keeping an open mind, being self-aware, and being inquisitive. Awareness is important in working effectively with diverse groups and individuals, regardless of personal bias. Anger and frustration indicate a closed mind.

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The effective leader asks questions with a genuine interest in learning more, rather than as a probe to expose a mistake or fault. Employee inquiries should be conducted with genuine interest and with demonstrated respect. Even more important is listening to the feedback, so that appropriate action may be taken.

There are four main leadership styles. These leaders maintain a standard of performance, and their style is high-directive The main purpose of this document is to act as a refresher to help reacquaint our centres with some of the key sections covered in the ILM Centre Manual and provide guidance to assist a centre in preparing to deliver an ILM NVQ. The study examines the various forms of leadership, theories and models.

Understanding Leadership Essay

The study highlights the models like transactional leadership and team leadership. NOTE: You may want to relate your answers to an organisation that you work in. The first factor is the task. A manager needs to. Unit Understanding Leadership Styles 1.

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It is my job to create intervention plans and work closely with care. Marks are not deducted for writing more. It is perfectly acceptable for all answers to be continued on additional forms provided they are attached to the assignment when making a submission. The availability of the form electronically.

Understand Leadership Styles Before I describe the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours in the workplace a basic understanding of some key leadership styles are important.

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    For them, the leader is the organisation, and they are looking for answers as to what the organisation is about. The most known leadership styles are. Certain situations require certain leadership styles and they do not always cross over. For instance in a transport maintenance workshop the work load will be known by the manager who then allocates work to each individual knowing their strengths and weaknesses. In DBS, operational staff are rostered to carry out specific jobs for the day and are left to manage the completion of the job.