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My thesis statement is Teen Depression and Suicide. How do you plan to support your thesis with compelling arguments and counter arguments? How do you plan to support your thesis with compelling arguments and counterarguments? My thesis statement: Teenage Depression and Suicide.

I am writing about teen suicide but I am finding it difficult to write a claim statement. Can you helP? Create a full sentence outline that includes effective argument and counterarguments to support my thesis on Teen Depression and Suicide. Where did you place the most effective arguments in your paper? Explain How did you address.

Which of the following is a common error in composing a thesis statement? You offer an original perspective on a familiar theme.

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Your thesis statement is specific as opposed to general. Your thesis statement contains two. You focus your thesis statement. Posted by Wenmar on Thursday, October 25, at pm.

I have to do a term paper on Teen Suicide. Here is our format: I. Title Page II. Remember - If there is no interest, there is impossible research. Stripling, Barbara, and Judy M. Englewood, Colo.

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Students must have an understanding of what the topic is, and what is related to the topic. An overview will answer the questions: What? What will help me get an overview of a topic? Resources that define and give basic and related information to the topic will help. General encyclopedias, subject encyclopedias, magazine articles that define and introduce background information, books, textbooks, and class discussions may be useful. Develop a list of subject headings or keywords to guide a search for information about the topic.

This list should include the topic keywords, synonyms for the topic how else can I say this?

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Try to develop a list of at least 10 of these keywords for your topic, Choose resources depending on the topic and needs. General encyclopedias are excellent for basic and concise information about famous people, places, and things. They are useful for comprehensive overviews of historical periods and issues. Subject encyclopedias give more detail in a particular area for example, a health encyclopedia. Magazines focus on current issues. Books can define and give comprehensive information, opinions and related circumstances. Read widely for an overview.

Use the table of contents in a book for keywords and search terms. When using a magazine or newspaper database, scan the article titles that come up when you enter a keyword search. When using OPAC, look at the subjects and summaries of the books in your results list. Narrow the Topic Narrow topics are easier to research than board topics: Students can focus on specific information and locate it efficiently Students cre not overwhelmed by too much much information With less material to read, students can better evaluate the information found.

Narrow topics help students discover interesting details instead of trying to summarize huge amounts of information In the table above "Suggestions for Topics," many of the sources will help the student develop a narrow topic from a broad topic. For example, a book titled The Family will have chapters about single-parent families, teenage parenting, adoption, step-children and step-parents and divorce, the deterioration of the extended family in today's society, gay parents, foster care, working parents in the family, and so on.

Reflection step: The researcher should ask before continuing: Will I find enough information on this topic? Will the information be too difficult to use? Is the topic too board? Too narrow? Too subjective? Too unfamiliar?

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Too difficult? Should I modify my topic? Following the first three steps of the research process will lead the researcher into the next phase - The Thesis Statement. Thesis Statement A thesis statement is a statement of the main idea you want to present about the subject or topic. For example: Topic:. Passaic County Technical Institute.

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Suggesstions for Topics. Scan titles on library shelves - Open some interesting books and look at the table of contents. Sirs Researcher - Try the subject searches and scan some topics and subtopics. Open interesting categories and scan topics and subtopics. Encyclopedia - Try a topic and scan the related articles, subtopics and pictures. Analyzing Web Resources. Are sources listed for facts? Can information be verified through another source?

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Has the site been edited for grammar, spelling, etc.? Is the publisher reputable? Is the sponsorship clear? Is there a phone number or postal address? Is there a link to the sponsoring organization? Is the author qualified to write on this topic? Does the sponsor have commercial interests? Is advertising included on the page? Are there obvious biases? Is there a publication date listed? Is there a date listed for the last update?

Is it a topic that does not change frequently? Are the topics covered in depth? Does the content appear to be complete?