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I will work with the teachers to ensure no student behaves unruly and no one shows any negative behavior. Good grades, a good record of following school rules, and a healthy relationship with my peers and teachers make me a good role model for others.

I am a Junior Prefect.

Staying connected and in communication with students will help me have a better sense of how they are doing and where I can help. If any student raises concern to me, I will convey the problems to the faculty to help bridge the gap between faculty and student. Furthermore, I am good at solving problems so if my fellow prefects have any trouble with duties assigned, I will be able to help them out.

This will ensure that the student body of the school runs efficiently and as a team, which will reduce the amount of extra work for teachers. As a school prefect, I promise to obey school rules and maintain my academic records.


Student leadership: A thin line between excellence, failure

I will be a good ambassador for this school by maintaining order and be willing to take on extra responsibility. What an outstanding manifesto U are so intelligent and have a helpful manifesto Congrats…. Your email address will not be published.

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The benefits of being a school prefect

My School Prefect Mandate If given the mandate to serve, my first priority will be ensuring a high sense of discipline in our school. I will be a good ambassador for this school by maintaining order and be willing to take on extra responsibility Thank you. Share this: Tweet. Email Print. The prefects play an important role in a school. They assist in all school activities, maintain discipline among the school children.

Prefect Leaders Chosen for Upper School

The Junior Prefect and the Senior Prefect. I am a junior prefect in my school Moratu Maha Vidyalaya.


I was selected from many because I had a good school record. I part in many extra-curricular activities. I was very happy when the school principle fixed the school prefect badge on to my school tie, at the school ceremony.

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As a Junior Prefect I have to bear many responsibilities and duties to perform. I am at school early in the morning because I have to check school bags of students before they enter the premises.

School Prefect Manifesto – Banji-Baruwa Oreoluwa

When the school ends the all children must be sent out from the school gate according to a line.