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Read More. Download a Medicine Personal Statement. Oxbridge Applications. VAT Number: Recently Updated Blogs blog Evolution in action — a favourite topic Evolution is such a core part of biological studies that it is almost guaranteed to come up in an interview setting. If you think about it, there is almost no part of biology which cannot be discussed in the light of evolution and natural selection.

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First and foremost, what is…. Personal statements have an intended audience: the tutors and academics at Oxbridge responsible for admissions. We therefore encourage you to write for your reader, asking yourself: what do they want to see from me? Below are some ideas of what Oxbridge tutors want to see from an excellent personal statement,….

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  6. Although time may now seem plentiful, it is easy to get caught up on what to read. This varies depending on your mood and schedule — at…. This is easier to read than a big body of text — admissions officers are unlikely to spend a long time reading over the statement, so make the key points stand out.

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    Show enthusiasm for the subject but back it up with evidence of this , such as relevant books you have read but make sure you have indeed read them before an interview…if caught out lying, looks very weak — you would be surprised how often this happens , issues in the media or current affairs that interest you etc. What is it about the subject that makes you want to spend 3 years specialising in it?

    Writing a great UCAS Economics Personal Statement

    What especially appeals? Just be yourself, and be both interested and interesting! Paragraph 1 — give a general introduction of why you wish to study Economics; this might include a particular aspect of the subject that fascinates you though explain why , when your interest was peaked and how a degree in Economics fits in with your future career aspirations. Paragraph 2 — give a brief account of why you are suitable for the degree s in questions, highlighting relevant A-level courses taken and aspects of them that were of interest. Paragraph 3 — give evidence of interest for Economics by listing one or two popular Economics books e.

    Freakonomics, Superfreakonomics, the Armchair Economist, the Bottom Billion…the list goes on that you have read. A few lines on hobbies or sporting activities could also be included — perhaps to show perseverance of enjoyment in interacting with others. Some interests e. Of course, most students apply to more than one university for Economics and may be wondering if any special provision needs to be made for this. In fact, many universities are more concerned with the aptitude of students for the Subject rather than their reasons for choosing particular universities.

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    However, if a student wishes to mention the reasons for choosing particular institutions, it may be best to list a set of qualities which are common to his or her choices such as individual attention to student learning, good sports facilities, wide range of societies or good links to the financial services industry etc. It is both a strength and a weakness of the UCAS system that one application covers all universities and so students should not be too concerned about differentiating between universities on their application.

    A more important point is perhaps the differentiation between courses when a student is applying for say Accounting and Finance as well as Economics at the same time. This form of differentiation is more difficult but cannot be ignored. A student would have to convey clearly their preference for both subjects as well as their aptitude in each rather than trying to write generically about both.

    In all, after completing the personal statement, a student should be able to look back and see that he or she has expressed why they are enjoying their current studies, what they have learned from professionals in the field, what economic issues concern them and what practical steps they have taken in terms of gaining future employment in the field.

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    5. As long as these points emerge clearly from reading the statement it can be said to be close to perfect. Let us do the hard work for you and find the best tutor for your needs. Tavistock Tutors will be in touch shortly over email, please give us a call if you have any questions.

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