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The author blames the African jungle for the death of Kurtz. In the beginning of the story, the description of the eloquent, charming Englishman that comes to aid in civilization of the native is a sharp contrast to the ivory raiding, crazy man roaming the Congo jungle. The African wilderness in this novella is described as a dark continent with uncivilized savage natives whom the white man thought they could civilize and humanize.

According to the author, the African continent is to blame for the heart of darkness unleashed in Kurtz. Through descriptions of what he has gone through in the jungle, the reader is able to grasp and probably feel sorry for Kurtz. Through his journey, Marlow discovers that the African jungle may be terrifying, but it is not as dark as the evil we harbor inside us. Another description of the African jungle is the dehumanization of characters, shown by the lack of names for the other characters in the book. Apart from Kurtz and Marlow, the rest are known by their titles in the book, for example, the manager, the intended and the harlequin.

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The author portrays Kurtz as an evil man and at the same time some mysterious person that the reader meets at the end of the book. All the information that the reader has, comes from tales by other characters in the book. The conversation also goes on to show that Kurtz suffered a lot, hated the situation, but just could not get him to leave. When Marlow spoke to Kurtz before taking him back to the steam boat, he was of a sane mind, but a mad soul. The author tries to show that Kurtz was deeply tormented by all the things he had done.

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It shows that he was not completely insane, and had a conscience. Conrad also depicts Kurtz as being hollow, and only the jungle could fill that hollow, as said by Marlow when he discovered skulls on spikes. At this point, he is convinced that Kurtz became a savage just like the natives that worshiped him.

It is not right to blame all that happened to Kurtz on the African wilderness. This is because the darkness in this man was already there it just needed the right catalyst to come to the surface.

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Joseph Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness encompasses many themes and concepts dealing with the very nature of humanity and its complexity. This novel is set up in two different locations, the Thames River and the Congo River. Conrad uses these two rivers to represent the different cultures that clash in this novel, which are the "civilized" and the "savages". While exploring these two different worlds Conrad exposes the human nature at its core through the characters in this novel proving that not everything is straightforward and is at it seems.

In this novel the Europeans regarded themselves as civilized and cultured. On the other hand, Conrad embeds numerous dark intense imageries to describe this "enlightened" culture such as violent, death, brooding gloom, and more.

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While the Congo River represents the uncivilized native inhabitants that are described as "utter savagery" Conrad, , p. The contrast of these locations and representations reveals different aspects of human nature. One un-admirable quality of human nature that is shown is pride. The European characters in this novel had the mentality that they were superior to the natives.