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A mini process manager example in lines. Updated Nov 15, 11 commits JavaScript. It is a app for providing study materials for college freshers. Updated Aug 13, 3 commits Java. Beta Dictionary Android App project with beautiful gui. Updated Oct 13, 53 commits Java. Star 2.

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Updated Dec 9, 14 commits Java. Star 1. Updated Oct 31, 5 commits Java. Updated Oct 15, 13 commits R. Updated Sep 22, 2 commits Java.

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Updated Jun 20, 3 commits Python. Updated Jul 9, 11 commits Visual Basic. Updated Mar 31, 4 commits C. Updated Feb 23, 7 commits PHP. Grade Calculator. Updated Mar 30, 26 commits Java. Image Steganography Using Python and Tkinter. Updated Sep 19, 9 commits Python. Semester mini project. Updated Aug 26, 2 commits CSS. This code says, "If the user's browser is Internet Explorer 6 or lower, import this stylesheet. Otherwise, do nothing. Whether you're on Windows or a Mac, there are plenty of fantastic code editors that will work wonderfully for you. As a result, I've developed a pretty good knowledge of what's available.

Please don't bother doing this while still in development. However, once the site is, more-or-less, complete, utilize a few online compression programs to save yourself some bandwidth. Your natural instinct is to safely wrap each paragraph with a div, and then wrap it with one more div for good measure.

As you'll quickly learn, this is highly inefficient. Once you've completed your markup, go over it two more times and find ways to reduce the number of elements on the page.

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Does that UL really need its own wrapping div? I think not. It's easy to ignore the necessity for alt attributes within image tags. Nevertheless, it's very important, for accessibility and validation reasons, that you take an extra moment to fill these sections in.

I highly doubt that I'm the only one who, at one point while learning, looked up and realized that I was in a pitch-dark room well into the early, early morning. If you've found yourself in a similar situation, rest assured that you've chosen the right field.

The amazing "AHHA" moments, at least for me, always occur late at night. This was the case when I first began to understand exactly what Javascript closures were. It's a great feeling that you need to experience, if you haven't already. What better way to learn HTML than to copy your heroes? Initially, we're all copiers! So visit the websites of those you respect.

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How did they code this and that section? Learn and copy from them. We all did it, and you should too. Don't steal the design; just learn from the coding style. Notice any cool Javascript effects that you'd like to learn? It's likely that he's using a plugin to accomplish the effect. View the source and search the HEAD tag for the name of the script. Then Google it and implement it into your own site!

This best practice is especially true when designing for clients. Just because you haven't use a blockquote doesn't mean that the client won't. Never use ordered lists? That doesn't mean he won't! Do yourself a service and create a special page specifically to show off the styling of every element: ul, ol, p, h1-h6, blockquotes, etc. Lately, I can't turn on the TV without hearing a reference to Twitter; it's really become rather obnoxious.

I don't have a desire to listen to Larry King advertise his Twitter account - which we all know he doesn't manually update.

Yay for assistants! Also, how many moms signed up for accounts after Oprah's approval? We can only long for the day when it was just a few of us who were aware of the service and its "water cooler" potential. Initially, the idea behind Twitter was to post "what you were doing. If a web dev writer that I admire posts a link to an article he found interesting, you better believe that I'm going to check it out as well - and you should too!

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This is the reason why sites like Digg are quickly becoming more and more nervous. He argued that Photoshop tutorials have no business on a web development blog. In fact, Photoshop may very well become the more important tool you have. There are literally dozens of HTML tags that you won't come across every day.


Nevertheless, that doesn't mean you shouldn't learn them! Are you familiar with the "abbr" tag? What about "cite"? These two alone deserve a spot in your tool-chest. Learn all of them! Just as sites like ours contributes greatly to further a web developer's knowledge, you should too! Finally figured out how to float your elements correctly?

Make a blog posting to teach others how. There will always be those with less experience than you. Not only will you be contributing to the community, but you'll also teach yourself. Ever notice how you don't truly understand something until you're forced to teach it? This is another area that's been debated to death. CSS resets: to use or not to use; that is the question. Begin by downloading a popular one, like Eric Meyer's , and then slowly, as you learn more, begin to modify it into your own. If you don't do this, you won't truly understand why your list items are receiving that extra bit of padding when you didn't specify it anywhere in your CSS file.

Save yourself the anger and reset everything! This one should get you started. Generally speaking, you should strive to line up your elements as best as possible.

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Take a look at you favorite designs. Did you notice how each heading, icon, paragraph, and logo lines up with something else on the page? Not doing this is one of the biggest signs of a beginner. Think of it this way: If I ask why you placed an element in that spot, you should be able to give me an exact reason.