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Never read a fact pattern assuming that only one subject will be tested. Based on the chart above, some common crossover essays include:. Additionally, within the last 10 years, agency has always been tested with another subject. Because students will write five essays instead of six essays beginning with the July administration, it is highly likely that you will see more crossover essays even though you will write one less essay you still need to study all of the subjects.

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Our chart tells you exactly which essay questions to review if you are struggling with certain crossover essays. The Examiners tested California Civil Procedure for the first time on the July exam three of the four questions required knowledge of California Civil Procedure.

Even though the fact pattern did not state that examinees should answer according to California law, it is important to note that the case took place in California. Now that California Civil Procedure has been tested once it is likely that it will be tested again.

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This is not the case. If you look at the chart you will see that the following subjects have been tested twice on the same exam: Contracts, Professional Responsibility, Federal Civil Procedure and recently, Real Property. This is important to know so that you do not quickly dismiss issues as you read the fact patterns on exam day. Since , Evidence has been tested a total of 11 times. On six of those essays students were asked to respond according to the California rules of evidence and on five of those essays students were asked to respond according to the Federal Rules of Evidence FRE.

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It would be a mistake to assume that you do not really need to study the California evidence distinctions. This post was written by Ambika, our California bar exam tutor, who has passed not only the California bar exam but also bar exams in New York and New Jersey! If you are looking for a new approach, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Make sure you study Professional Responsibility. Be aware of common crossover questions.

How to Pass the California Bar Exam.

Students who wear religious headware must obtain an exemption before the bar. California Bar Exam Page Additional information from the California bar about registering for and taking the bar exam. Later deadlines are available for retakers or with a late fee.

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Most students also choose to pay for a hotel near the bar. Test-takers receive a library of laws and a client file and must draft a document, such as a memo, client letter, or contract. Subjects Tested on the California Bar Exam The MBE tests civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law and procedure, evidence, real property, and torts.


The MBE is evenly split between each topic, with 28 questions on contracts and 27 questions on each other subject. Essays may test any subject on the MBE and may also test business associations, community marital property, professional responsibility, remedies, trusts and wills, and California specific rules of civil procedure and evidence.

Scope of the California Bar Exam. Essays are not evenly split between topics and may test some topics twice and other topics not at all. The performance test usually provides all relevant laws in its library of laws or client file.

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  5. However, the bar examiners do expect test-takers to identify any ethical issues.