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Minersville School District and Barnette v.

Constitutional Law Conference - Case Studies in the Supreme Court's Use of History

Orleans Parish School Board : The Desegregation of New Orleans Public Schools — The federal courts' enforcement of the landmark Brown decision provokes a prolonged struggle over state and federal authority. Cassius Clay : Muhammad Ali's Fight against the Vietnam Draft — Boxing legend Muhammad Ali objects to serving in the military in Vietnam, incurring the anger of the American public and risking a five-year prison term for his religious and political beliefs.

Dellinger : The Chicago Seven Conspiracy Trial — Organizers of demonstrations at the Democratic Convention are charged with inciting riots, and an unorthodox trial reflects the cultural and political divisions of the era of the Vietnam War.

Federal Trials and Great Debates in U. United States v. Chew Heong v.

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In re Eugene V. Olmstead v. Gobitis v.

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Bush v. This is one of those occasions. Here are questions that friends and colleagues--or rather storming mad people--have asked me in the past day or so A recent decision from the 10th Circuit shows there is a whole new way to invalidate an arbitration agreement.

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In Citizen Potawatomi Nation v. We pick up where the 4th Circuit left off a few weeks ago — with federal circuit courts finding ways to avoid enforcing arbitration agreements that are obtained years after litigation has commenced The Supreme Court of Nebraska gave an unpleasant surprise to its trial court judges last week: they cannot enforce arbitration agreements sua sponte In a recent opinion, the Fourth Circuit cited waiver as its basis to refuse to compel arbitration, but the result seems animated by a sense that the arbitration agreements were unenforceable If I had to choose a favorite subset of arbitration cases, it might be the ones that come after SCOTUS remands to a state supreme court.

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  4. How does a state high court full of accomplished professionals, the cream of the legal crop in their state, respond after the U. Supreme Court has found their previous arbitration opinion was flawed Whenever people ask me why I choose arbitration law to write and talk about, one of the reasons I give is that the law is in flux, creating a demand for information and analysis.

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    Despite the fact that the Federal Arbitration Act has been around for over 90 years, there are constantly new developments in its interpretation. The term "track-one diplomacy" refers to official governmental diplomacy, or "a technique of state action, [which] is essentially a process whereby communications from one government go directly to the decision-making apparatus of another".

    Two opinions came out recently in disputes over the arbitrability of putative class actions alleging that employees were not paid for overtime and other labor violations. California is changing its tune.