Critical essays on flannery o connor friedman

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Kell Carpenter

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Critical essays on Flannery O'Connor - Melvin J. Friedman, Beverly Lyon Clark - Google Books

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Flannery O'Connor's A Good Man is Hard to Find and Good Country People Essay

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  • Critical essays on flannery o connor friedman.
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Sullivan, Walter. Sykes, John D. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, Walters, Dorothy. New York: Twayne Publishers, Inc. These figures become especially impressive when one measures her critical gains against those of her contemporaries. William Styron and John Hawkes, both born the same year as O'Connor, have been the subject of one book-length study each if one excludes the casebooks devoted to The Confessions of Nat Turner and Second Skin. And one should also point to the loyalty of most of Flannery O'Connor's commentators, who seem to look on the major parts of the canon--the two novels and the two collections of stories--as sacred texts, as passageways to salvation through literary modes.

Martha Stephens does not accept many of the pious pronouncements mouthed by O'Connor critics. The Question of Flannery O'Connor is a usefully irreverent book which demands that we go through a kind of Cartesian purging of previous notions and start reading the work again. The appeal is to the reader who, Martha Stephens believes, has been shortchanged in a curious way: he has been left with ambivalent feelings and peculiar responses when confronted with Flannery O'Connor's fiction; it is about time that he face up to the problem and engage the work head on.

It is the "tonal dimension" which Martha Stephens believes should be our principal negotiating point. Extent ix, p. Isbn Hall, c Bibliography note Includes bibliographies and index Control code Dimensions 25 cm. Isbn Lccn System control number Library Locations Map Details.

Critical essays on Flannery O'Connor

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