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It was conceived as a total style focusing on architecture and decorative arts furniture, jewellery, lighting, textiles Its elegant designs were inspired from both natural blossoms, stems and geometric forms, and often with the influence of Japanese design.

In architecture, Art Nouveau applied many technological innovations of the 19th century, specially in the use of materials like iron and glass. Art Nouveau enthusiasm for decorative and graphic design increased the estimation for applied arts combined with fine arts. Mary Fraser Tyler Watts Cemetery Chapel. The Art Nouveau designers selected and modernized some of the abstract elements of the Rococo style, such as shell and flame textures and they also advocated the use of very stylized organic forms as a source of inspiration in their artworks.

Thus, many elements came in the shape of grass, insects, seaweed and the like.

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The prints in the Art Nouveau period are key in understanding this movement. The simple composition combines a new style of color choices with curvy lines. The two-dimensional Art Nouveau pieces were drawn, painted and printed in popular forms such as posters, advertisements, labels, and magazines. The style was seen as extravagant, flowing with curved lines and often a floral motif. But it was perhaps the commercial application of the style that gives its particular appeal, directness and lasting presence.

Many wonderful Art Nouveau posters survived till today because they were seen as collectible items.

Art Nouveau Inspired Watercolor Painting

The technological progress in lithographic printing allowed for color printing on a large scale. This, in turn, made the graphic style of Art Nouveau widely available. The commercial poster runs were extended to allow for more copies to be sold to collectors. In an attempt to analyze the role played by Art Nouveau in the evolution of painting, we must start by stating that it is a reaction against Impressionism except for the German culture area.

In essence, this style represented a reaction against the development of the surface and the line.

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In painting it marked the end of the illusionist concept of form. The images offer importance to context through the way the lines hold the atmosphere of the painting or through evoking ornamental values. This current can also be perceived as an ancestor of Expressionism. At the same time, Art Nouveau lays the accent on the decorative and ornamental side and their unique value in painting in general.

Glass making was one of the areas where art nouveau found great room for expression.

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The works were complemented by new levels of virtuosity in enameling and the introduction of new materials such as semi-precious stones and opals. The jewelry artists also found inspiration in Japanese art and they showed more specialized enthusiasm for Japanese metalworking skills and fostered new themes and approached to ornamentation. If in the previous two centuries, the emphasis in fine jewelry fell on gemstones, especially diamonds, in the Art Nouveau period, a different type of jewelry emerged, motivated by the designer rather than the jeweler as the setter of precious stones.

The most renowned craftsmen were in Paris and Brussels at that time. Rene Lalique was a French jeweler that glorified nature in jewelry, extending the overall repertoire of the style and including new natural forms like dragonflies or grasses. The furniture was made out of wood and usually combined with glass and metal. Some furniture pieces boasted tapestry and stylish floral patterns.

The cabinets regularly had many drawers and painted glass. The chairs in an Art Nouveau decorated house had high backrests and the tables were low and most often had the countertop made out of colored glass. Painted glass and stained glass are defining elements of this style. It is used in making decorative objects, lamps or for embedded panels in the furniture or in the windows of doors. We can say that this style has every right to hold a great place in the history of art. Art Nouveau has seen somewhat of a revival in the last twenty years with the rise of postmodernism design. One of the most inspirational features from the Art Nouveau style is the nymph poster with natural, floral motifs, and ornaments.

The nymph and floral ornaments are some of the most influential art nouveau elements used by graphic designers in their artworks. Some of the most beautiful prints represent nymphs with floral elements, art nouveau-specific colors like olive green, ochre, sinuous lines and art nouveau typography. The Art Nouveau typography from today originated in magazines like Munchner Jugend, The Studio and Yellow Book or period advertising, poster or sign design.

Collections of typography today include some of the most recognizable styles of the period Ariosto, Munch, Pantagruel , but they also include unique faces which are based on rare hand lettering. The home designs decorated in Art Nouveau style are characterized by the use of various prints and ornamental shapes. These are used in decorating the walls or tapestry, in textiles or art artifacts or wall watches. The accessories in an art nouveau home are represented by large mirrors with bronze frames or sculpted wood, painted jewelry cases, vases, and porcelains. Some consider Art Nouveau to be a reaction to the Industrial Revolution, made products. Other Wholesale.

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  • Grandeur is the best word to describe Art Nouveau. Seeing the contemporary works I must say Nouveau had a great influence in modern art. I find art nouveau designs absolutely beautiful. And surely it still has a great influence over contemporary designs! Thankyou for this posting — it is a really informative and useful summary of Art Nouveau. Given me some great ideas for my project.