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More so, the increased rate of social inequality is more of harm to the menace, as it is regarded as a catalyst. Suicide is an action or a behavior and not a distinct psychiatric disorder. Just like any other human behavior, suicide results from an interaction from different histories, and social, personal and contextual factors Gray, , p. The suicide menace may be related to a wide range of social and personal problems. On the other hand, suicide is the only menace that acts as the index for health and the wellbeing of any given population, in this case the North America indigenous youth. However, it is important to view suicide among the youth from the larger context of social health and psychological context well-being.

Drawing from the different peer reviewed article, suicide is cannot be said to be a single source population problem among the youth, but instead arises from the interaction of social circumstances and personal ones. Socioeconomic factors are a huge determinant of the risk of suicide among indigenous youth.

These factors include lack of proper education, unemployment, discrimination, and poverty. Substance abuse has been taken as one of the factors attributed to youth suicide. Evidence has been established linking mental health with substances about, more so among relatives of trauma survivors Amrita et al. The dilapidated healthcare facilities, as well as living conditions, have contributed in a great extent towards youth being prone to suicidal idea and thoughts Amrita et al.

The disproportionately negative health status indicators and the well-being of the youth in Canada, aboriginal youth, have contributed to the youth community being exposed to suicidal thoughts. On the other hand, the economic status of the aboriginal community has contributed to inability to provide the best or quality education to the youth. This in turn leads to an increased number of youths passing through the dilapidated system, and the cultural setting indulges them to social vices such as substance use, crime, prostitution, etc.

In the past, older people in the indigenous community were the prone victims of suicide Christine et al. However, in recent decades, the trend hugely becomes more prone to the youth. More so, the ones between the ages of are more prone to the suicide problem compared to other age group. For example, Inuit adolescents are subjected to intense acculturation pressures that do not exist for other adolescent populations. These pressures create problems for youth in their struggle to establish their own identity Christine et al, , p.

In addition, social economic status of the indigenous communities there is the historical context as well as the consensus of colonization. The cases of suicide among the indigenous populations cannot be fully addressed without the review and acknowledgement of the regions preceding historical context. The Indigenous peoples of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and North America, amongst others, experienced a similar story of colonization by European colonists.

For example, in Austria and Canada, the indigenous people were defined by torture and loss of life during colonization. This period also marked interruption of life, culture disruption through acts of dispossession from their ancestral land and relocation to reserves, incidents that worsened their lives.

More so, is the reserves suppression of traditional activities and language, separation of families, economic marginalisation and systemic discrimination. Factors which all accelerated to the dilapidated way of life of the indigenous. The lasting effects of the settlement, such as health and socioeconomic disadvantage are comparable across the Indigenous populations of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and North America.

Various writers have maintained that the real health and socioeconomic disadvantage currently experienced by indigenous people in North America is a symptom of the complex interplay between the consequences of the past and present events. The experience of colonization, resulting in marginalisation and social exclusion in the form of racism and exclusion from economic and civic participation has precipitated the current state of disadvantage. Social, economic and educational disadvantage are recognized as important risk factors for suicide, especially among new people.

A study by Kral , p. Granting to the author, indigenous self-control over aspects of cultivation and community which encompassed several markers — self-government; land rights litigation; local control over health, education and police services; and functioning of cultural facilities.

This was more than 2. Consequently, high levels of psychological distress can the attributed to varying stressors or cases of traumatic events among the indigenous population in North America. Trauma can describe as an experience of one or multiple stressors such as cases of health issue, unemployment, family breakdown, death of close relatives, financial strains; racism violence among other depravities can be the basis for trauma among people. Compared to non-indigenous population, this rate was found to be 1. On the other hand, trauma can be passed through generations from childhood to generation.

For example, the trauma experienced during childhood perpetuates abuse and destructive behaviours during their adult life. With reference to the indigenous communities traumatic events can be regarded as a common feature of their history and well through the generations Goodkind et al. The continued presence of traumatic generators among the youth has in turn led to increased cases of youth suicide. In the case of youth, the use of substance among the youth, racism, poor health facilities, inequity in terms of education and health facilities, unemployment are some of the key stressors when it comes to dilapidated mental health, hence the cases of un-ending traumatic ordeal.

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One of the keys and detrimental stages in human development is the adolescent stage. However, for youth who have had victims of traumatic occurrences in their lives, or have been through abuse and neglect. Cases of post-traumatic stress among the youth may be associated with an inability of youth to cope with the demands of youth development. In order to provide an effective approach to such an unstable youth problem, acculturation is adopted.

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The environment in which the youths in the indigenous population expose to massive and negatives which on the other hand acts as catalyst of trauma related disorders. One approach to helping youths in such scenario include: the provision of aaccess to resources that are enjoyed by the non-indigenous North Americans. However, it should be in a manner that reflects their distinct identity. The high rate of indigenous youth suicide necessitates the development of solid programs to eradicate it.

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There are different intervention measures that can be embraced to reduce or control the causing factors behind the indigenous youth suicide Christine et al. Suicide is preventable menace in the population Gray, , p.

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With reference to the article and sources used, different preventive measures have been coined to help in controlling the spread of the identified menace indigenous youth suicide. The prevention measures entail universal, selective interventions, and indicated interventions as some of the approaches to youth suicide prevention.

In terms of universal interventions towards the problem, at national level, the prevention measures against the menace ought to be comprehensive and multi-sectorial at the same time. On the other hand, selective, interventions are focused to work with the venerable population or communities with a focus to establish and build resilience. In addition, when working with vulnerable community, the focus is on establishing and building for supportive environment.

Individual and community level may not in any way exhibit suicidal behavior. However, they may also be at an elevated level of socioeconomic or psychological risk Sarche, , p. With reference to the selected measures towards fighting youth suicide, community engagement was an effective method in this category. Finally, Goodkind et al , p. Finally, the articles identified indicated intervention as another approach towards alleviation of the suicide problem.

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These interventions focus on vulnerable individuals who depict signs they might suffer from the problem or show a heightened condition that may increase their risk of committing suicide. In addition to discussing the indigenous youth suicide factors behind the problem, the article also established effective implementation measures to control the menace. From the article, moves such as early identification as well treatment of any condition that may fuel suicidal ideas can be of great help in curbing the spread of the menace in the modern times McCalman et al. Early treatment of mental disorders, alcohol abuse would be effective in helping the indigenous communication in receiving the care they need.

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More so, the fight against the suicide among the youth and the population at large should be incorporated as an integral or core component of health services. Suicide may have psychological origins such as the difficulty of coping with depression or other mental disorders; it may be motivated by the desire to test the affection of loved ones or to punish their lack of support with the burden of guilt.

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One teen may plan that his final act in life will be one of defiance and revenge. Suicide is the eighth leading cause of death in males and the 16th leading. That I have chosen for this paper is Suicide Prevention in your Area. The research sampling method that will be used in this study is random sampling to obtain a more scientific result that could be used.

It is possible for someone depressed to never think about suicide at all Galas In their depression, they often dwell on what they feel is their unlucky and helpless lot in life, repeatedly leading them to believe that their situation is hopeless. Suicide is sometime seen as understandable or. Edit research links on this essay, research papers. Notecards for kids paper on teenage suicide. The person often experiences strong feelings of stress, confusion, self-doubt, the pressure to succeed, financial uncertainty and other fears while growing up.

Shenghong pu studies shape memory alloys, generate mla or should do people with diverse backgrounds research paper teen suicide. More research buy term paper at nearly six times the age need to end the thesis durkheim. Paper on Suicide Suicide Prevention. It may also stem from social and cultural pressures, especially. There is also always the option of seeking medical help. The free Psychology research paper Teen Suicide essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. Adults need to take the possibility of teen suicide seriously even if their community has not experienced one.

Teen depression and thoughts of suicide are more common than many adults assume and there are as many as fifty to one hundred suicide attempts for every young person who actually takes his or her own life. Free Suicide papers, essays, and research. My teacher says quotations should only be used when there is credibility, authority, stats, complex, colorful striking language.

Try writing down these subjects on a sheet of paper. Many events and warning signs lead up to a suicide. Suicide of any kind is an act in which a person takes his or her own life. In most cases it is actually a form of communication; a way of telling others that things are not okay inside and that the person feels helpless to do anything about it Smith I forgot to mention, in this paper there should be no more than quotes which should be paraphrased do not repeat the same keywords. Warning signs include making suicide threats, showing sudden change in behavior, giving away treasured possessions, becoming aggressive, rebellious or disobedient, and taking risks or becoming self-destructive.

No rewrites are allowed once they are graded. The teenage years can really be a period of turmoil for just about anyone. Parents are a positive influence in helping prevent their teen from committing suicide. Nearly one million people world wide commit suicide. Parents should not attempt to minimize what their child is going through, and express a great deal of love, concern and support.

More research papers doctor assisted suicide outline suicide according to be viewed as far as the s the corporation papers paper. Most importantly, individuals willing to help a suicidal teen should build up a support system for them.