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Etc that is want what here of the us. With totally along compare contrast essay. Instructor: Bruce Bennett Email: bbennett adc1. Course Description: This class combines two courses. STUS provides an introduction to the strategies and skills needed for writing in college and the workplace.

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Emphasis is placed upon sentence skills and application of grammar and upon writing a well-organized, effective thesis with support. Course Objectives: Students will demonstrate an understanding of grammar through class participation, completion of exercises, unit mastery, midterm and final tests, and editing practices. They will then apply these grammar principles as well as basic organizational models in their own writing.

Attendance : Attendance and class participation are mandatory. Homework : Students should schedule two hours outside of class for every hour in class eight hours each week to review notes, complete homework assignments, and prepare for the following class session. Testing : One retake test is provided for each unit, and the better of the two grades will be counted.

Students must arrange for and take retakes within one week after tests are returned.